Wellens syndrome


Wellens syndrome (´´widowmaker´´, ´´LAD coronary syndrome´´) is a pattern of T wave abnormalities in precordial leads, which is highly associated with a critical stenosis of the left anterior descending artery (LAD). 

Its natural progression leads to anterior wall MI within the next few days or weeks. This progression is rapid, so it is very important to recognise this pattern early. 

ECG manifestation 

  • Characteristic T-wave changes (symmetric and deeply inverted T waves or biphasic T waves in leads V2 and V3) in a pain free state
  • Recent history of AP
  • Normal or slightly elevated cardiac markers
  • Absence of precordial Q waves, isoelectric or minimal (< 1mm) ST elevation, and normal precordial R wave progression

There are two patterns of T-wave abnormality in Wellens syndrome:

  • Type A – Biphasic, with initial positivity and terminal negativity 
  • Type B – Deeply and symmetrically inverted 

T wave changes can evolve over time from Type A to Type B pattern


  • coronary angiography/PCI
  • UFH
  • ASA
  • P2Y12 inhibitors
  • nitrates
  • 02

ECG 1 Wellens sign - biphasic T waves in V2-V4 leads in a patient with  a critical stenosis of proximal LAD

ECG 2 Wellens sign in another patient


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