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Free Online education
in the field of acute cardiovascular care

Platform providing  methodological instructions on various invasive or interventional procedures and/or management strategies on ICU.

A step-by-step manual how to perform invasive procedures on ICU. Perfect for fellows in cardiology and intensive care, physicians, ICU personnel, medical students and anyone else interested.

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ECG in hospital

What is it

Prague ICU is a new educational initiative; whose intention is to provide free on-line education in the field of acute cardiology for physicians all around the globe. .


Gaining skills in ICU interventions is a long-lasting process as they are dependent on good mentors, who might be often non-accessible, or on well-organized workshops, which are usually very costly.


The main foundation of this platform is to provide methodological instructions on various invasive or interventional procedures and management strategies on Intensive care unit.

What will you get

We would like to deliver you video content ranging from central venous catheter insertion, pleural drainage, to insertion of MSP, such as Impella or ECMO. Troubleshooting in critical ICU situations, real-world clinical cases, webinars, atc.
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behind the scene

We are two passionate young cardiologists, and intensivists, from IKEM Prague, who want to provide you free educational content in the field of cardiac intensive care.
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