Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Mechanism of action

Vitamin, reversal agent of warfarin.

Promotes liver synthesis of clotting factors (factor II, VII, IX, X), antagonising effect of warfarin.

Indications and dose


Infusion related reactions


Routes: Oral, Intravenous

Onset: 1-2 hours (IV), 6-10 hours (oral)

Duration: 24-48 hours (oral), 12-14 hours (intravenous)

Metabolism: Hepatic

Half-life of elimination: 

Excretion: Urine and facees

Directions for administration

For intravenous injection give in 5% glucose.

Medicinal forms

Oral solution - 1 drop (1 mg)

Solution for injection - 1 vial = 1 ml (10 mg)