Video courses

Our educational videos will provide you handy methodological instructions on various invasive or interventional procedures and management strategies on Intensive Care Unit.
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ECHO Academy

Our ECHO academy will give you a unique opportunity to learn all about echocardiography. The platform will provide you interactive education ranging from ECHO basics to more advanced cardiology problematics.

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ECG academy

ECG Academy is the best way how to learn to read electrocardiograms, designed for doctors, nurses, students, and technicians working in healthcare.
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Clinical cases

Our Clinical cases platform will help you to learn about the clinical features, diagnostic criteria, and treatment of interesting cases from ICU. Exploring in this section will simulate your medical decision-making.
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ICU School

ICU school offers extensive informative source of medical knowledge for all health care workers involved in the care of critically ill patient.
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ECG in hospital
"This concept based on ICU educational videos is absolutely stunning. It is a great source of information for medical students and ICU fellows."
Dominik Ovesný - medical student
prague icu

Free Online education
in the field of acute cardiovascular care

Platform providing  methodological instructions on various invasive or interventional procedures and management strategies on ICU.

A step-by-step manual how to perform invasive procedures on ICU. Perfect for fellows in cardiology and intensive care, physicians, ICU personnel, medical students and anyone else interested.

  • Every month new video
  • Free ECG Academy
  • Interactive Clinical cases
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behind the scene

Our main aim is to provide free educational content in the field of cardiac intensive care.

Contact us
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Assoc. Prof. Michal Pazderník, MD, Ph.D. FESC

Creator of Prague ICU

Deputy Director for Education, Cardiology Department, IKEM Prague.
Cardiac intensivist who trained in Intensive care and Anaesthetics at Royal Brompton Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.
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Marek Šramko, MD, Ph.D., FESC

Chief of Acute Cardiology Department, IKEM Prague
Cardiac intensivist with passion in the most critical conditions, head of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and ER in IKEM, prolific author, a global citizen.